8. Jesus Meets the Women



Station_8aV: We adore You, O Christ, and we praise You
R: Because, by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world.

V: Consider that those women wept with compassion at seeing Jesus in so pitiable a state, streaming with blood, as He walked along. But Jesus said to them, “Weep not for Me but for your children.”

All: My Jesus, laden with sorrows, I weep for the offenses that I have committed against Thee, because of the pains which they have deserved, and still more because of the displeasure which they have caused Thee, Who hast loved me so much. It is Thy love, more than the fear of hell, which causes me to weep for my sins.

My Jesus, I love Thee, my beloved Jesus; I love Thee more than myself, I repent with my whole heart of ever having offended Thee. Never permit me to separate myself from Thee again. Grant that I may love Thee always; and then do with me what Thou wilt.

Hymn Stabat Mater Stanza:

Cross-VioletAll: Sing or Say:
For the sins of His own nation
Saw Him hang in desolation
Till His spirit forth He sent

Holy Mother! pierce me through
In my heart each wound renew
Of my Saviour crucified

… V: Have Mercy on Us, O Lord. R: Have Mercy on Us …