Narcissus of Jerusalem

St Narcissus of Jerusalem
(2nd Century)

St NarcissusSt Narcissus was eighty years old when he was appointed Bishop of Jerusalem. At the time, the City had been rebuilt following its destruction by the Romans.

St Narcissus’ tenure as Bishop was interrupted for several years when others attempted to destroy his integrity. He forgave his accusers and, by popular demand, agreed to resume his position.

St Narcissus was deeply religious and became well known for his many miracles. A well-documented miracle occurred during an Easter Vigil Service when water changed to oil to supply the church lamps. In St Narcissus’ final years, he was helped by an Assistant Bishop.

Some writings suggest that St Narcissus was around 116 years-old when he died. His Feast Day is the 29th October.

St Narcissus of Jerusalem:
Pray that we will remain loyal to the teachings of Jesus and joyously share them with others. 

Glory be to the…