Francis Anthony Fasani

St Francis Anthony Fasani


St Francis Anthony Fasani

St Francis was born in Lucera, Italy. He was educated locally and studied in the Town Friary where he professed his religious vows. Following further Theological Studies at Assisi, he was ordained a Priest in 1705 and remained there for another two years. He later received a Doctor of Theology.

St Francis returned to his hometown to minister, spending the remainder of his entire life serving his Order as a teacher of Philosophy and Master of Novices, while at the same time, performing extensive pastoral duties within his local community.

St Francis lived a life of deep prayer and devotion to the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation. He was considered a mystic and became a very popular and sought after confessor and preacher. Despite his many work commitments, St Francis was a steadfast friend of the poor and marginalised; routinely seeking funds to support their needs.

St Francis’ Feast Day is the 29th November. He is Patron Saint of Lucera.

St Francis Anthony Fasani:
Pray that we will earnestly live by Jesus’s teachings and give generously to the poor and marginalised.

Glory be to the…