Apollinaris of Ravenna

St  Apollinaris of Ravenna
(2nd Century)

St Apollinaris of Ravenna

St Apollinaris was a native of Syrian Antioch. He was appointed Bishop of Ravenna in Italy by St Peter, a position he held for 26yrs.

During his time as Bishop, he faced almost constant persecution including imprisonment, torture and exile.

St Apollinaris was a notable miracle worker. He attracted many converts which in turn, created many enemies among non-believers. On his final return to Ravenna from Greece, having been exiled there for a fourth time, he was spotted passing out of the gates of the city and savagely beaten. He died from his injuries seven days later.

St Apollinaris of Ravenna:
Pray for us that we will show mercy to our enemies like God our Father in Heaven whose, “Mercy endures forever”.

Glory be to the…