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UNWANTED – That’s Nakushi

It’s an Indian Marathi language slang term. It is a highly degrading and humiliating label, originally given to unwanted Indian baby girls.

Today, children, both boys and girls, are often an unwanted burden in many poverty-stricken parts of our unequal world; they receive few, if any, basic rights including, food, education and medical care.

You help children, young people and disabled adults just like these:

♥ In Vietnam

All of the following projects are based in the impoverished areas of the Central Highlands. They are delivered with the help of dedicated volunteers through local Parishes and CARITAS Vietnam. Here is a sample of our work and hope:

1. Sponsoring Students:

Education makes a lifelong difference. It leads every new generation to freedom and families can progress from poverty to a secure “daily meal” – a basic human right. This work is delivered through a local Parish Priest and a highly dedicated volunteer:


Information: I am a third-year college student.

My mother died early, my father is often sick. My family life is very difficult. I go to school far away, do not have many conditions to help families as well as labour self-income.

I hope you can help my family overcome their difficulties ahead as well as let me complete my studies and find a stable job to take care of my family.

Name: Nguyễn XXXX XXXXX

Information: I am a 1st-year student. My family have 4 children. My father died early because of illness, my mother worked, fed the whole family.

I go to school far, no supporters to share the burden with mom. Make family life difficult.

Please help me get some extra money for school, to continue my studies.


Information: I am a first year College student.

My family have 8 people, my father has cirrhosis, my mother has to work for the family and medicine for my father.

My family life is very difficult. I do not know if I’m eligible to continue my college education. May you help me to fund my college tuition fees.


Information: I am a first-year College student.

My family has 5 children, the children are young, I am the eldest sister and want to go to school. Economic conditions are also unstable.

My family farmed, often face the irregular natural disasters in many years causing damage to crops. I hope you can open my heart to help my family overcome difficulties.


Information: My family has 4 members and I am HIV positive since 2008.

My family life is poor and difficult. We were abandoned, my stigma remained unchanged. My family lives alone.

The children go to school, my husband is sick, I have to work in the field to feed the family. My house is far from other people, living in a deserted garden, lacking enough.

May you please help me dig a well for drinking and tuition fees for my 2 children to go to school as well as health testing for the two children.

Name: Trương XXXX XXXXX

Information: In 2007, my wife became infected with HIV and left home.

I raised our two children, and they went to school in the time I was not infected. But when I first got the disease, I was worried and wanted to have the two children tested.

Help my family life and two children study, discrimination in my place has not changed, life is extremely difficult.

Would you like to help my 2 children to take tests and provide financial support so that my child can pay tuition fees for further study?

Group Photograph Of Supported Students

Annual Costs Per Student: Approximately $50 (School) to $150 (College & University) donation per year keeps a student in education and lifts their families out of a crisis.

We have many more students in poor families that we would like to support. Can you help them?.

2. Helping Disabled In Their Homes:

We provide a small monthly allowance through CARITAS Vietnam to poor and disabled people who depend entirely on others generosity for their daily needs. Our support is delivered by a volunteer in the form of food and material essentials to identified families. Here are a few of their personal stories:


My son is a congenital encephalitis sufferer, ethnic minority and living in an extremely poor situation.

His neck is not strong like other children so, he cannot straighten or rotate his head back and forth.

His father works as a hired labourer, caring for the whole family. His mother is his full-time career.

A Request: Any contribution will be very welcome for my son’s care and for finding effective ways to heal me.


I am a paralytic. I was born paralyzed.

Over the years I became a vegetarian.

My parents are old and weak. They can not do anything to take care of my grandparents and their grandchildren.

A Request:  Please share with me and my family in this misfortune, so that I can be still alive with my parents.

Name: Trinh XXXX XXXXX

I am a paralytic. I cannot take care of myself. I live alone and have been paralyzed for eight years.

Everything that I need doing, I depend entirely on my neighbours.

My family is very poor.

My Request: Your help will help me to live a better life and support the people around me, who help me every day.


I am a paralytic. I am 87 years old. I was paralyzed by a stroke 10 years ago.

My family is very poor and we have a hard life.

I am living with a dumb child. I cannot serve myself. Lack of care, my life and my child have no hope.

A Request: May you share with me this burden and give us some hopes.

Name: Huynh XXXX XXXXX

I am a paralytic.

I have been paralyzed for 10 years. I live with my disabled son.

My family is very poor. For everyday food, I  rely on my son’s hired labourer and relatives to come and help. They are very kind.

A Request: Please help me have food to continue living.


I am a general paralytic. I suffer from paralysis, congenital heart disease, over 20 years.

My family takes care of me. I cannot serve myself. My family is poor and very difficult. My father has to work hard, to feed the whole family.

A Request: Please help my family to overcome difficulties, so that my mother’s burden can be released and she has more time to care for me.

Name: Nguyen XXXX XXXXX

I have been paralyzed for 7 years due to a stroke.

My family is poor, my parents are old and my sister is sick.

Life gets harder and harder.

A Request: To have some hope of prolonging my life, please help me in support of my family and myself so that we can overcome this difficulty.


I am a paralytic, 91 years old and have been paralyzed for 11 years. I am completely helpless.

I have a son with a disability.

My daughter who already got married takes care of me. Seeing my daughter running day and night feeding the whole family and taking care of me, I am pain at heart.

A Request:  Please help my family.

Name: Nguyen XXXX XXXXX

I am a paralytic. I am 15 years old. I was paralyzed with a congenital brain problem. 15 years in one place.

My family have many children.

Life is more difficult when they all go to school unless myself. We don’t have a house, we are living in a rent.

A Request: Please help me and my family to overcome these economic difficulties.


I am a paralytic. I have been paralyzed for 3 years.

I live with my elderly mother.
I was completely helpless; this makes my mother extremely miserable. Lack of food, clothes, poor housing.

My Family Support: My elderly mother takes care of me. It is very tiring and stressful for her.

A Request: Can you help me overcome this pain and hardship?

Annual Costs: As little as $10 per month is life-changing, extra food and personal care!

We are unable to assist all the disabled young people and adults whom we receive requests from. Can you help them?


3. Helping Aged & Disabled Adults In A Care Home – NEW PROJECT

This Home was set up 10yrs ago by a retired teacher. Today, it has 27 residents including, 10 with severe paralysis, one blind and the others with multiple degenerative disabilities. The home relies entirely on other peoples kindness.

The following photographs show a small number of the patients in their sparse basic surroundings:



Annual Cost: 100kg of rice per month = $100! Contribution towards bed linen, clothing, diapers and daily washing: EG. $100 per month! Then there are the Medicines!

The Care home facilities are very, very limited by western standards. Can you help them?.

♥ In The Philippines

More than 20% of the country’s people are officially classed as poor (January 2018). The population is around 105 million. It’s not difficult to find the poor, it’s a greater challenge to find lasting ways to help them.

Here are a few of our support works:

1. Providing For Malnourished Children

Around 100 children in this small poverty-stricken community receive our direct help, all have been assessed as malnourished or severely malnourished. Their families are among the poorest of the poor, most etching out a basic living by scavenging for metal and plastic on a nearby rubbish dump.

Our provision includes a healthy daily meal in their School as well as occasional basics such as clothing and footwear. Families and children eagerly accept the offer and gain an education in the process. The project is warmly delivered by The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor.


Annual Cost: $15,000

Can you contribute to our project costs or support our hope to extend this project to other poverty-stricken families?.

2. Helping Street Children

Many thousands will sleep on the streets tonight.


Cost: One Meal = One Dollar. A small donation, breakfast… $1

3. Not Forgetting The Poor And Abandoned In Institutions

Preparing and serving a meal at an orphanage, hospital or Care Centre. This meal was served to a group of 78 mentally disabled adults, living among hundreds of others with limited or no family connections.


Cost: As little as $1 per meal for a warm and healthy lunch. [Can you help them?]

4. Providing School Uniform, Books and Occasional Gifts

Helping poor families purchase the essentials for school can be the difference between a childhood and life spent on the street or an education followed by a skilled job. A few checks during the school year and a Christmas gift usually act as sufficient encouragement for them to stay; they are surprised that someone else cares. It’s a life-changer!


Annual Cost: Books & Uniform per child = $20 for a whole year. [Can you help them?]

5. Distributing Food Hampers To Poor Families

The hamper we give may be stretched to last for weeks by a family of three or four! Poverty is often hidden, photographs deceive!


Annual Cost: Food Hamper (50 Meals) or 50kg bag of rice = $50. [Can you help them?]

NoteAll our projects are 100% administration costs-FREE. All donations received go directly to food, clothing, education and other basic life essentials.