St Bonaventure

St Bonaventure was born near Viterbo, Italy. He joined the Franciscans and studied at the University of Paris gaining a degree and Doctorate.

St Bonaventure has “written on almost every philosophical subject considered by Scholars”. His theology was based on an integration of faith with reason. He is ranked with St Thomas Aquinas as the greatest of the Doctors of the Church and one of the greatest Philosophers of the middle ages. His Feast Day is the 15th of July.

Dear St Bonaventure – Cardinal,
Bishop and Doctor of the Church,
you chose a life that embraced mortification
and great humiliation.
You served those who were rejected and sick,
you risked illness for yourself.
You made your life a continuous prayer
and spent hours meditating on the wounds of Christ.

St Bonaventure, please pray for me
that I may have a sincere and humble heart.
Pray that I may not lose sight of Jesus’ wounds
and thus walk on the straight path to eternal salvation.
Pray that I may take a great many souls with me
to Our Heavenly Father.

St. Bonaventure you were known to say
“One should carefully beware of decreasing,
even in the slightest, the honour that is due to Mary.”
May I strive as you did to Love our Blessed Mother
and be a carrier of her peace in this world.

St Bonaventure, please place my petitions:

(Share your requests…)

in the loving hands of Our Blessed Mother whom, I pray,
they will be warmly received by her Son. Amen.

Pray: Hail Mary…

… St Bonaventure: Pray for Us …

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