Jesus On The Rich And The Rewards Of Discipleship

Jesus-365-1Chapter 12 – Jesus’ Ministry in Judea
Story No. 4 of 15 (Matthew 19:23-30, Mark 10:23-31, Luke 18:24-30

The disciples were astonished when Jesus said, “How hard it is for the rich to enter the Kingdom of God… It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God”.


Needle and Camel

Everything that we have, including our life, is a gift from God. If we receive but refuse to share, for what purpose do we gather? After all, everything will be taken back from us one day anyway.

Life can involve many sacrifices, sometimes they are for a day, but often they are lifelong. The disciples made a lifelong sacrifice to follow Jesus. They sacrificed all their earthly wealth. Jesus, in return, assured them that, “There is no one who has given up house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands for my sake and for the sake of the Gospel who will not receive a hundred times more”.



Are you wondering if you are wealthy? The words of St Paul may help. He said, “Be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share”.

What logic is there in the expectation that God will share the glory of Heaven with you if you refuse to share your wealth with His family, your brothers and sisters?


Lord Jesus, send Shepherds into our world and, enlighten us with your Holy Spirit so that we may remain true examples of your faith.

Cross-4RPrayer: Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit,
fill the hearts of your faithful
and kindle in them the fire of Your Divine Love.
Send forth Your Spirit and they shall be created,
and You shall renew the face of the earth.

O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit
instructed the hearts of the faithful.
Grant, that by the same Spirit we may be truly wise
and ever rejoice in His consolation.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Private-MomentsPrivate Moments
Music Suggestion: Table of Plenty

Listen and reflect… pause and talk.

17th July

World Day for International Justice

Prejudice is an everyday occurrence in our communities.

Pray that people will treat all equally and with respect.

Our Father…

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