Experts In The Law Suggest Jesus Is Possessed

Jesus-365-1Chapter 6 – Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee – Part 2
Story No. 27 of 34 (
Matthew 12:22-20, Mark 3:22-27, Luke 11:14-15)

When a blind, mute and demon-possessed man was brought to Jesus, He healed his sight and speech, and removed the demon. The crowd were amazed and said, “Could this one be the Son of David?”

DoveSome Experts in Jewish Law, who saw what Jesus had done, said, “He does not cast out demons except by the power of Beelzebul, the ruler of demons!” Jesus, knowing their thoughts asked,  “If I cast out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your sons cast them out?… But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come unto you…”

The Experts in the Law were unable to answer; Jesus, the Son of David, was now among them and, by the power of God, He had cast out the demon.



Temptations are never far off. Competing for the limelight, as the Experts in the Law did, is a common human pitfall. Likewise, short-term power often appears too attractive to ignore and walk away from. How short-sighted we often are!


Lord Jesus, strengthen my simple love and respect for all.
When I see others in need, give me the courage to help.
When I see others helping, give me the courage to support.

Cross-4RPrayer: Joy (Mother Teresa)

I smile, and the world smiles with me.
I laugh, and the world laughs too.
I praise you, dear God, and the world breaks out in song.
For you are the source of my joy,
the wellspring of my love,
the key to my compassion.
Be with me today, tomorrow, and forever,
so that I may bring your joy to all I meet.

Private-MomentsPrivate Moments
Music Suggestion: I Watch…

Listen and reflect… pause and talk.

21st April

On this day in 753 BC, Romulus founded the City of Rome and became its first King.

Say a prayer to Christ our King.

Our Father…

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