Ann – Mother of Mary

Cross-YellowBless My Family
My family is the heart of my life.
It is my little Church.
Saint Ann, guard the members of my family
St-Joachim-Anneagainst all physical and spiritual danger.

You lived in the presence of your husband Joachim
and your little daughter Mary.
Later, you welcomed your son-in-law, Saint Joseph,
and above all your beloved Grandson Jesus, our Saviour.

May your family inspire our families.
May we remain united in a deep mutual love.
If my family is broken by separation or divorce,
remain for us the Saint of tenderness
and lead us to God.

Saint Anne, you were a spouse, a mother, and a grandmother;
bless all the members of my family.
Keep us faithful to the Lord.

May we remain attentive to the needs of other families.
Protect all families. Amen.

… St Ann, Pray for Us …