Andrew The Apostle

Cross-4GrSt Andrew’s Prayer
O Glorious St. Andrew,
you were the first to recognize and follow the Son of God.
With your friend, St. John,
St-Andrew-the-Apostleyou remained with Jesus,
for your entire life,
and now throughout eternity.
Just as you led your brother, St Peter,
to Christ and many others after him,
draw us also to Him.
Teach us how to lead them,
solely out of love for Jesus
and dedication to His service.
Help us to learn the lesson of the Cross
and carry our daily crosses without complaint,
so that they may carry us to God the Almighty Father. Amen.

Cross-4GrSt Andrew’s Call
Brother of Simon Peter, you heard John the Baptist say: “Behold the Lamb of God,” and you chose to follow Jesus.
Leaving your nets, you became a successful fisher of souls.
Lover of the Crucified Christ, you too were crucified like him.
Teach us to live and suffer for Him and to win many souls for Christ. Amen.

Cross-4GrO Good Cross (O Bona Crux)
(A prayer reflecting St Andrew’s delight immediately prior to his crucifixion and death.)

“O good Cross, made beautiful by the body of the Lord: long have I desired you, ardently have I loved you, unceasingly have I sought you out and now you are ready for my eager soul. Receive me from among men and restore me to my Master, so that he who, by means of You, in dying redeemed me, may now receive me. Amen.”

… St Andrew, Pray for Us …