If Jesus Came To My House Today

Circle-Cross-1GIf Jesus came to my house to spend a day or two,
if he came unexpectedly, I wonder what I’d do!

Oh, I know I’d give Him my best room,
and I’d keep assuring Him I’m glad to have him there.

But when I’d see him coming, would I meet him at the door, with arms outstretched to welcome, my heavenly visitor.

Or would I have to change my clothes before I let him in, hide some magazines and put some images where they would be seen?

Would I turn the TV off and hope he hadn’t heard, whilst wishing I hadn’t uttered that last, loud word of despair?

If Jesus, my Saviour, spent a day or two;
would I go right on doing the things I do,
and say the things I say.

Would I be glad to have Him meet my closest friends
and take Him outside, everywhere?
Or would I sigh with relief when He is gone?


Flower-Cross-GI wonder if you felt as I did, when you read this story, a bit uncomfortable!

It’s so easy to unwittingly deviate towards worldly distractions and put off changing our unhealthy habits to another day! But tomorrow may not happen!