Philip The Apostle

St Philip
(Lived at the time of Jesus)

St Philip the Apostle

St Philip is often named in the New Testament as the fifth Apostle, chosen by Jesus to follow him. After Jesus’ resurrection, St Philip went with his sister Mariamne and Bartholomew on a long journey through Greece, Turkey and Syria preaching the Good News and performing many miracles.

St Philip was martyred in Hierapolis (Turkey) either by beheading or crucifixion – upside down. One account states that he enraged the City Proconsul after converting his wife to Christianity. The Proconsul ordered Philip to be executed along with St Bartholomew. However, prior to their execution, St Philip kept preaching, to others irritation, which led to Bartholomew being released.

Whatever the precise means of St Philip’s martyrdom, he gave his life so that others could hear the Word of God.

His Feast Day is the 3rd May.

St Philip:
Pray for us that we will forever uphold the teachings of Jesus’ Gospel.

Glory be to the…