Parable Of The Lamp


Jesus said to the crowd, “A lamp isn’t brought to be put under a basket or under the bed, is it? Isn’t it to be placed on a lampstand?” (Mark 4:21)


Everything has a purpose, just as everyone has a purpose!


Lord Jesus, shine your light on us. Illuminate our darkness. Strengthen our resolve to live and joyfully share your Gospel with others.

Cross-WhiteA Prayer – Light (Gospel Extracts)

The light of God surrounds me,
the love of God enfolds me,
the power of God protects me,
the presence of God watches over me,
wherever I am, God is,
and where God is, all is perfect.

Private-MomentsPrivate Moments
Music: Holy, Holy, Holy

… listen, reflect and enjoy.

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Fr John’s Weekly:


Almighty God, thank you for this new day. Bless me and keep me safe.