Love For Enemies


God’s Promise

Jesus said, “Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be like your Father in heaven”. (Matthew 5:44-45)


Easy to do, yes!

Well, it’s not always; the pain caused by others can be difficult to forget. Yet, Jesus is telling us, don’t just forgive but also pray for them.


Lord Jesus, may I forever strive to be like you; extending my love and compassion to those who hurt me. Jesus, hear my prayer.

Prayer: My Life (St Therese of Lisieux)

My life is but an instant, a passing hour.
My life is but a day that escapes and flies away.
O my God, you know that to love you on earth
– I only have today.

Lord, what does it matter if the future is gloomy?
To pray for tomorrow, O no, I cannot!
Keep my heart pure, cover me with your shadow
– Just for today.

O Divine Pilot, whose hand guides me.
I’m soon to see you on the eternal shore.
Guide my little boat over the stormy waves in peace
– Just for today.

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Music: From a Distance

… listen, reflect and enjoy.

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Almighty God, thank you for this new day. Bless me and keep me safe.