Damasus I (Pope)

Pope St Damasus I
(305 Approx. – 384)


Pope St Damasus I

Pope St Damasus was born in Egitania, Portugal, then part of the Roman Empire. His father was a Priest at the Church of St Lawrence in Rome.

Pope St Damasus was appointed Pope in 366 and remained in the role until his death eighteen years later. He actively upheld Catholic Church teachings and presided as Pope during the time when Christianity was legalised and adopted as the official Roman State religion.

Pope St Damasus appointed St Jerome as his Secretary, encouraging and supporting him to translate the Bible into Latin. He held a strong devotion to the Roman martyr St Lawrence.

Pope St Damasus’ Feast Day is the 11th December.

Pope St Damasus I:
Pray that we will lead our family, friends and community to a life of prayer and celebration of Jesus’ teachings.

Glory be to the…

Birth Announcement Of Jesus By The Angel Gabriel


The Angel Gabriel said to Mary, “Greetings, favoured one, the Lord is with you. Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God. You will bear a son, and you will name him Jesus”. (Luke 1:28, 30-31)


St Peter Canisius once said that, while there were many roads leading to Jesus Christ, for him the veneration of the Blessed Virgin was the best.

Persistence, perseverance and working together is always more productive!


Mary, Mother of Jesus, keep us in your care, guide us safely through life’s snares and accompany us to the Kingdom of heaven.

Prayer: Psalm 130

Out of the depths, I cry to you, O Lord,
Lord, hear my voice.
O let your ears be attentive to the voice of my pleading.
If you, O Lord, should mark our guilt,
Lord, who would survive?
But with you is found forgiveness;
for this we revere you.
My soul is waiting for the Lord,
I count on his word.
My soul is longing for the Lord,
I count on his word.
My soul is longing for the Lord,
more than watchmen for daybreak.
Because with the Lord, there is mercy
and fullness of redemption,
Israel indeed he will redeem from all its iniquity.

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Music: Create In Me

… listen, reflect and enjoy.

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Almighty God, thank you for this new day. Bless me and keep me safe.

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